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Avoid overlapping HTML tags.

Always close the tag which was last used first. If the tags are close out of order, it can cause certain browsers to display the results incorrectly. Most commonly the result of overlapping tags will be the continuation of one of the style effects even after the closing tag (Such as an entire page displayed in BOLD text when only a few words in bold were intended.)


Think of the URL as the "address" of a webpage and using the URL you can locate and view a web page stored on a WEB SERVER anywhere in the world. An example is: This is the URL for OUR main page for Semiahmoo HTML group of 1999


These are HTML coded locations, usually set apart by a different text and underlining, that lead you to other places on the web, most often links are coded so that you are taken to another URL or another portion of a large web page when they are activated by action of clicking on the words.

Internet Addresses

Just as your house or apartment has a street address where people can send mail to you, every Internet user has a unique address. This is accomplished by using Domain names. No two domain names are the same - just as no two streets in your city are the same and no two zip codes are the same. The domain name is determined by your Internet Service Provider.
Internet addresses also specify which country the address belongs to. An address from Japan will usually end with "jp" Sweden with "se" Because the Internet began in the US generally US don't use the country code
The next level of domain (and this is fairly specific to the US) is the type of domain it is. If the last part of the address is "com" it is a commercial domain. "Edu" denotes an educational institution, "gov" signifies a government agency, and "org" is a nonprofit organization.
Everyone that subscribes with an ISP is assigned a user name. It must be unique from all of the other user names in that domain. Your user name is how you receive your e-mail, specify addresses to your web pages, etc. This is your unique address.