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This course will present an introduction to web design concepts using various HTML tools to add more "zing" to your existing web site.This course will NOT cover any HTML Editing Software. There are HTML editors available out there that will practically make your page for you and I have nothing against them, however we won't be using any of them for this class.  Why??  If you don't know anything about HTML, using these programs can often be very confusing. If you have no idea what each tag means or does, it is difficult to use it correctly or determine which tag you will need to create which effect. Learning the basics of HTML yourself also gives you a flexibility that editors often don't allow.
HTML standards change, extensions are added etc. Unless you have the newest version of the HTML editor, you may not be able to take advantage of these things easily.
If you have an HTML Editor feel free to use it from your own Computer at home.

Hope everybody is familiar with the 4 sets of tags